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Conway Piling are specialists in supply and installation of driven piling solutions and foundation packages.

Precast concrete piling

Conway Piling manufactures their own precast piles to ensure the quality of the product to their clients.

We manufacture six different pile sizes, and they are:

  • 200mm x 200 mm sq. piles
  • 250mm x 250mm sq. piles 
  • 275mm x 275mm sq. piles 
  • 300mm x 300mm sq. piles 
  • 320mm x 320mm sq. piles 
  • 360mm x 360mm sq. piles 

We can also manufacture different pile sizes to your specification if required.

We manufacture precast concrete piles from 200mm sq to 360mm sq and in single segments from 3 mtrs to 15mtrs long. For requirements more than 15 metres, a mechanical locking joint system is then incorporated into the manufacture of such piles.

We also offer Independent pile design which is subject to approval by your engineer.

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Bottom driven steel tube mini piles

Conway Piling offer mini piling for limited access areas, areas where vibration would be an issue or areas close to existing building or within an existing building.

Our mini piles are internal bottom driven hollow steel tube mini piles.

We offer four sizes in mini piles also and they are:

  • 150mm dia to carry loads to a max of 100kN SWL depending on ground conditions.
  • 220mm dia to carry loads to a max of 350kN SWL depending on ground conditions.
  • 273mm dia to carry loads to a max of 550kN SWL depending on ground conditions.
  • 323mm dia to carry loads to a max of 700kN SWL depending on ground conditions.
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Steel H and Tubular piling

This type of piling is used for a higher capacity or higher moment and lateral loadings. 

H piles, these are mostly used for:

Bridge Construction Foundation 

Where concrete piles might be at risk of damage, i.e., boulders. 

Both these types of piles come in various sizes and lengths.

We have previously installed H piles of up to 5000kN test load requirement per pile.

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Vinyl sheet piles

Conway Piling also supplies and installs vinyl sheet piles which are an ecological, cheap and maintenance free solution to ground retention projects.

Vinyl Sheet Piles are an effective solution:

  • To control water in flood prone areas
  • Stop soil erosion
  • Reduce the risk of pollution
  • Landslide risk etc.

Lightweight construction of Vinyl Sheet piles can allow for easier handling therefore reducing requirement for larger machines and ease of installation in “Reduced accessible sites”.

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Micro Piling

Conway Piling also offer other piling solutions such as micro piling especially in limited access areas. These micro piles work in both compression and tension loads. 

Micro piles are ideal if there is a need to tie down piles to act in tension or anchor mini pile to rock.

These come in a range of sizes. 

Ideal for limited access but depending on size or capacity of pile required. 

Micro piles are often used in conjunction with mini piles, for house stabilisation works, tension works etc.

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Screw Piling

Conway Piling have recently introduced Screw Piling into our product range. 

Screw Piles are used to anchor foundation base to ground. These also work with both tenson and compression loads. 

There is no concrete required for this type of piling. 

It is ideal for limited access jobs while screw piles do come in various different sizes.

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Timber piles

Conway Piling also offer a timber piling solution. Timber piling is the oldest form of piling. Timber Piles are environmentally friendly and are made from natural material. These are low material cost. Most common type of timber used is Green Heart timber originally from America.

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